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Live Every day like it's taco tuesday


Calling all taco lovers... Believe the hype!

Come check out Hi-Lo Taco Co., where we're serving up the most delicious and healthy

Tex-Mex cuisine in town. We've been popping up around Philly since 2020, but in 2023 we took the plunge and settled down in Midtown Village.

Our menu is filled with mouthwatering dishes that are made with so much love and care, you'll feel like you're eating a hug, but it's better, because it's a taco.

From our handmade flour tortillas to our fresh made in-house salsas, sauces, and chips, every bite is sure to have you saying "Holy guacamole!".

We've got weekly taco specials and an ever growing menu, because we just cannot stop coming up with more and more scrumptious taco combinations. Some tacos come and some tacos go, but don't worry, we know that everyone loves a comeback, and cult favorites are here to stay.

if you're going to be salty, bring tequila


Belly up to our full bar and treat every day as if it were Taco Tuesday.

You wont find all your typical go-to bottles here because we only source additive free agave spirits, but our bartenders are more than happy to help you find a new favorite from our shelves.  "But why?" you may ask... simple:

Tequila is good, Flavor is good, but Fillers & Additives are bad.

Shoot back a chupito or let us add our homemade splashes to give you that extra dose of flavor and excitement in your drink. Our margs scream "bottoms up"; always made with fresh-squeezed limes (no bottled mixes) and garnished to perfection with a rim of your choosing. 


come for a taco, stay for the company


We're not just about food - we're also committed to making a positive impact through philanthropy and strategic partnerships. Working with and fundraising for local food charities during the COVID-19 Shutdown was the kindling that got this grill lit, and as long as we're around, we wont stop giving back, paying it forward, answering the call, whatever we can do. 

Good Queso, that gives back to the community. Supporting local small businesses and vendors to get some of the best quality products PA can grow. And we're just getting started. 

Because we can: We must.

But let's be real, the real stars of the show are our incredible staff. They're the ones who bring the magic to our kitchen every day, and we couldn't do it without them. The hours are long, and the work is hard, we know that's the nature of the beast. But we are striving to create a safe and empathetic work environment where everyone, no matter their job, no matter their background, is treated respectfully, and appreciated for their contributions. 

We want to invest in our people, we want them to grow with us as we grow.

We want to build a company that people are proud to work for, a business that people are excited to work with, and a restaurant that people love to come back to.

The man behind the taco

After nearly 20 years of cooking I have turned my lifelong obsession with BBQ, fire, and smoke, into a business. I've cooked around the world and worked for everyone from Michelin-starred chefs to the largest food brands and everything in between. I'm striving to keep the love, care, and thoughtfulness I learned in fine-dining kitchens but make simple affordable food that you can enjoy often.

There's a place where a customer can feel happiness and comfort while dining

Where an employee can feel respected and safe

Where a cook can feel pride and appreciation 

Hi-Lo Taco is that place. 


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